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No. 1
TEMPWARE Electric Garage Heater, 7500-Watt Digital Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Shop Heater with Full-Function Remote, 240-Volt Hardwired Heater with 12-Hour Timer, Ideal for Workshop
  • Adjustable Angle & 2 Heat Settings: This garage heater has adjustable louvers and variable mounting angle to direct the air output. Its maximum BTUs of 25,590 is powerful enough to heat a large area up to 1,250 square feet. Power ranges from low to high of 6,250 to 7,500 watts to meet your different needs
  • ECO Mode & Timer Function: With a built-in precise temperature sensor, the smart ECO mode automatically adjusts the working mode or turns off based on the ambient temperature. You can also set an auto-off timer (1-12 hours) to save on energy bills
  • Thermostat & Overheat Protection: Our garage heater is equipped with a built-in thermostat. You can adjust the power to suit your needs and preferences (from 45°F to 95°F). And a built-in sensor switches the device off automatically if it overheats
  • Safe & Sturdy Structure: Our electric garage heater is made of heavy-duty steel material, which is very strong and durable, and has a long service life. In addition, the heater for workshop is ETL certified to ensure your safe use
  • Hardwired Installation: You will need an electrician to do this safely. The garage heater must be grounded and hardwired to a properly sized current protection circuit breaker in accordance with the (US) National Electric Code and local codes
No. 2
2 Packs -Electric Garage Heaters for Indoor Use, 1500W/750W Ceiling Mounted Radiant Heaters with Halogen Light, 90 Degree Rotation, 5 Mode Settings, Space Heater for Garage, Shop, Large Room and Patio
  • ☀️【Radiant Quartz Heater】This practical radiant heater quickly and thoroughly warms the people and objects in front of it. Dual quartz tubes turn on instantly and give off a warm glow when in use, perfect for workshops, garages and commercial.
  • ☀️【Come with Halogen Work Light】The ceiling mount heater with halogen light provides sufficient visibility even late at night, allowing you to see the items on the workbench more clearly.
  • ☀️【Adjustable Heating Angle】The 90° free adjustment shop heater helps to correctly distribute the heated air to the areas where it is most needed. Besides, this electric garage heater is designed to mount on the ceiling, which saves valuable floor space in your crowded garage space.
  • ☀️【5 Mode Settings & Large Size】5 modes, Pull string switch. Ⅰ: Low heat (750W ); Ⅱ: High heat (1500W); Ⅲ&Ⅳ: 750/1,500W sun-like heat with work light; Ⅴ: Turn off the radiant garage heater.
  • ☀️【Multiple Safety Features】1.Overheat auto-off, avoid accidents; 2. 120 volt garage heater with 3-prong grounded safety plug; 3. Metal housing provides enhanced safety; 4.ETL Listed.
No. 3
BILT HARD 8500W Electric Garage Heater, Ceiling Mounted Hardwired 240V Fan-forced Industrial Indoor Shop Heater with Build-in Digital Thermostat and Remote for Garage, Workshop, Black
  • 【Space Saving & Powerful Output】: 14.5"(D)×14"(W)×12.5"(H). This electric heater for garage can be installed on the ceiling and wall, with built-in digital thermostat control and 2 heating settings (5600W/19112 BTU and 8500W/29010 BTU), which can achieve efficient output and provide warmth for 800 sq. ft area in cold weather.
  • 【Fan-forced & Targeted Heating】: The fan-forced design base on convective heat transfer distributes heat across a wide area to keep your space warm and comfortable, which is more efficient than usual radiative heat transfer. With multiple vertical mounting angles and adjustable louvers, the heater can be installed in any position that suits your space and directed airflow to anywhere as desired.
  • 【Smart & Safety】: This ETL certified electric garage heater 240v features automatic over-heat protection and heating element protection that will automatically shut off the heater when over-heat and will keep fan running for 60s after the heater is turned off, which ensure you have a worry-free use. It also features 1-8h timer, lock mode, fan-olny mode and a caution indicator light.
  • 【Hardwire & Fully Assembled】: Comes fully equipped with an upgraded commercial grade heating element and premium motor to the overall performance, as well as connections for use with an external thermostat, this electric heater for garage is ship fully assemble and ready for hardwire installation.(This heater does not come with a power cord).
  • 【Sturdy Rugged Construction】: The electric shop heater is made of durable steel with anti-rusted powder that stands up well to temperature fluctuations in poorly insulated areas. BILT HARD electric garage heater guaranteed for 1 year. We aim for quality followed up with quality customer service directly provided by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
SaleNo. 4
Comfort Zone CZ220 5000-Watt, 240v Hard Wired Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater with Dual Knob Controls and Safety Overheat Protection, ETL Compliant, Grey
  • ☀️EFFICIENT CEILING MOUNT: With its ceiling-mount design and hard-wired installation, this fan-forced heater is perfect for spaces like warehouses, garages, and storage areas where floor space is limited. By utilizing the overhead space, you can maximize the utilization of your area while still enjoying powerful heating capabilities. Embrace the space-saving benefits of this ceiling-mounted heater and keep your valuable floor space free from obstructions.
  • ☀️ROBUST STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Constructed from heavy-gauge steel, the body of this commercial heater exhibits exceptional durability, making it highly resistant to the temperature fluctuations commonly found in poorly insulated areas. With its robust steel construction, this heater is built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable heating capabilities. Embrace the reliability and durability of this steel-constructed commercial heater for efficient heating in challenging conditions.
  • ☀️PRECISE HEAT DISTRIBUTION: The inclusion of louvers and an adjustable mounting angle enables targeted heating, allowing you to direct the airflow precisely where it is needed most. With its fan-forced design, this heater facilitates the efficient distribution of heat throughout the room, ensuring a consistent and comfortable environment. Experience the benefits of precise heat distribution and optimal airflow with this versatile and effective heating solution.
  • ☀️USER-FRIENDLY TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The ceiling mount heater features a dual knob thermostat that provides convenient and precise control over the temperature settings. With these intuitive controls, you can easily adjust the heat output to achieve the perfect level of warmth for your space. The quick on/off functionality ensures effortless operation of the heater, allowing you to enjoy immediate comfort with just a simple twist of the knobs. Experience the convenience and ease of use offered by this efficient temperature control system.
  • ☀️ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES: Designed with your safety in mind, this ceiling mount heater is equipped with intelligent safety features for worry-free operation. The built-in sensor monitors the temperature and automatically shuts off the device if it detects overheating, providing reliable protection against potential hazards. The power indicator light conveniently illuminates when the unit is in use, giving you clear visual confirmation of its operational status. With these smart safety measures in place, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort.
No. 5
Electric Garage Heaters for Indoor Use, 1500W/750W Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater with Work Light, 90° Rotation, 5 Mode Settings, Electric Heater for Garage, Shop, Patio Large Room
  • ☀️【Quartz Radiant Heater】Quickly and thoroughly warms the people and objects in front of this 120 volt garage heater. The dual quartz heating element is long-lasting and quite durable for workshops, garages, patios, shops, and commercials in cold winter.
  • ☀️【5 Mode Settings】Ceiling Mount Heater contains double Quartz heating elements, halogen work lights and a pull string for ease of use. Ⅰ: Low heat 750 Watts, One Elements; Ⅱ: High heat 1500 Watts, Two Elements; Ⅲ: 750 Watts, One Element with Light; Ⅳ: 1500 Watts,Two Elements with Light; 0= Off Position.
  • ☀️【Adjustable Heating Angle】With 90° free adjustment angle, the electric heater for garage helps to correctly distribute the heat to the areas where it is most needed. Besides, the electric radiant heater are designed to mount on the ceiling, which saves valuable floor and desk space in your crowded garage space.
  • ☀️【Garage Heater with Halogen Light】The Shinic space heater for garage boasts a halogen light that ensures excellent visibility, even during late-night tasks. Illuminate your workspace brightly, making it effortless to focus on your workbench and read instructions or fine print with exceptional clarity. Elevate your productivity with our built-in halogen light feature.
  • ☀️【Enhanced Safety Features】1. Built-in Sensor: The Shinic electric garage heater is equipped with an integrated sensor that automatically shuts off the unit if it detects overheating, prioritizing your safety. 2. Grounded Plug: The 120V Garage Heater comes with a 3-prong grounded plug, adding an extra layer of safety. 3. Sturdy Metal Grill: The robust metal safety grill effectively prevents the bulbs from contacting other objects, ensuring secure operation. 4. ETL Certified: Rest easy knowing o

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